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Detailed process related to OEM of sanitary napkins



With the improvement of people's living standards, medium and high-grade sanitary napkins are more and more popular. Some companies have been faced with team transformation and still want to launch their own brand sanitary napkins? Today, I would like to talk with you about the OEM of sanitary napkins.

In fact, the first choice is the OEM factory of sanitary napkins. Some customers even know nothing about the factory. They come up and talk about the price. If the price is appropriate, we will start cooperation without even going to the factory for field inspection. Not very familiar with the production process and technology. Then there are problems in the production process, which waste time and money, and even cause the interruption of cooperation, bringing losses to both parties.

1、 Select Factory

1. Learn about the factory information:

How large is the factory? What are the qualification test reports? What is the company's production environment? Disinfection grade of sanitary napkin? And the geographic location of the company?

2. Understand product information:

Is there a reference table for product acceptance standards? What is the minimum order quantity? Lead time? Packaging method and specification? Production capacity, etc.

2、 Frequently Asked Questions

1. About sanitary napkin production line

The OEM production line of sanitary napkins can now be basically automated. The machine production speed is 600-800 pieces per minute, which is very common.

2. Cost composition of sanitary napkin labeling

The structure of sanitary napkin has many layers. Fabric (silk, bamboo fiber, pure cotton, chemical fiber, etc.), amount of absorbent paper, thickness of dust-free paper, bottom mold, etc. Will affect the cost of products. In addition, packaging methods, such as boxed, bagged, and over molded, will affect costs.

3. About packaging design and plate making printing

Take the brand name and design LOGO and packaging after registration; After designing the package, if you want to make a plastic bag (or aluminized bag), you should make a plate and print it. Therefore, each packaging bag has a minimum quantity requirement.