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Some bad habits of changing sanitary napkins may affect gynecological health, and it is good to change one of them



Women need to change sanitary napkins in time during menstruation, otherwise it will be very stuffy, and there will be a feeling of dampness and itching. Having such a habit for a long time may cause gynecological inflammation, which is very harmful to women's health. In order to avoid such a phenomenon, women should pay attention to the bad habit of changing sanitary napkins in time during menstruation to relieve stuffiness and dampness, and prevent gynecological inflammation.

Women in the first two days of menstrual period, menstrual blood outflow is more, need a very thick sanitary napkin, to help better absorb menstrual blood. However, there are also some problems. The nutrients in the menstrual blood are very rich. If you forget to change the sanitary napkin, it is easy to breed bacteria. Or if you do not change the sanitary napkin for a day or two when the menstrual blood volume is relatively small, it will also cause bacteria to grow, which will cause a very bad smell. The color of the leucorrhea has also changed. Itching may occur from time to time, which may be caused by inflammation. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the following bad habits of changing sanitary napkins can be changed.

What are the bad habits of changing sanitary napkins?

Don't wash your hands before changing

I know it's a good habit to wash your hands after going to bed. In fact, you should also wash your hands before changing sanitary napkins to avoid bacteria breeding. Because we have a lot of bacteria on our hands, when we change sanitary napkins, the bacteria left on our hands will enter the sanitary napkins. When they enter women's bodies, they will easily breed bacteria, which is very harmful to gynecological health. Over a long period of time, inflammation may occur.

Don't change it after more than two hours

The best time for women to change sanitary napkins during menstruation is two hours. After two hours, bacteria will easily appear before they change sanitary napkins. The nutrition of menstrual blood is very rich. After two hours, it will deteriorate and slowly produce some bacteria. At this time, it is better to replace it in time and seal it with a bag to prevent bacteria from growing in the trash, which is also bad for the environment and health.

Used sanitary napkins are stacked in the toilet

The garbage in the bathroom is usually accumulated for several days before being thrown into the trash can downstairs, which is a reflection of the improvement of the awareness of conservation and environmental protection. However, during the menstrual period, it is better to throw away the garbage in time, especially the used sanitary napkins. When sanitary napkins are stacked, there will be a lot of bacteria in the toilet. Women who do not pay attention to the toilet may still cause bacteria to enter the body and cause gynecological diseases.