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What is the label of sanitary napkin



Labeling of sanitary napkins refers to the registration acceptance letter of Class 5 trademark, or the sanitary napkin brand that is executed by the trademark registration certificate and business license. According to the labels produced according to the requirements, when both parties sign the contract for entrusted processing, they use the acceptance standard quality agreement, quotation and confidentiality agreement to produce toilets for the processing factory. That is to say, stick your brand according to your requirements, and the outer package is your sanitary napkin brand.

Zeer Paper has a number of sanitary napkin labeling businesses. The company mainly produces a number of products, such as milk conditioning, sanitary napkins, monolithic mini sanitary napkins and sanitary pads. The company adheres to the principle of focusing on process and control, pursuing the perfection of every detail, and making use of this production concept to create more value for customers by centering on their needs. Continuously improve the quality management system to ensure that the quality of each product is stable.

If we choose the manufacturers of sanitary napkins, we need to pay attention to some small details. First, we should have a preliminary understanding of the general situation of the enterprise through our own channels. For example, what is the registration time? Is the production scale large? How about the approval number? What is the key direction.

The key point is to know whether the sanitary napkin is a reliable manufacturer and whether the label is reliable. We know that there are many middlemen who do not have processing capacity and production capacity, but they also use this pretext to attract investment. If the products are processed by other manufacturers, the cost will increase infinitely, and the quality of the products may not be guaranteed.

The manufacturers of sanitary napkins must conduct field visits to make some real products and visit some manufacturers of sanitary napkins. On the one hand, it can be practical. Basically, at least three to four customers come to watch or study the manufacturer every week.

As a manufacturer, the manufacturer of sanitary napkin with a label will certainly not only produce one product, so there must be a display shelf for the product. During the visit, you must clearly see the production approval and production quality of the product, and examine the function of the product. If it is good, it is trustworthy, and if it is bad, it needs a reasonable explanation. It is clear at a glance that the scale and capacity of the manufacturer match the production of the enterprise and the OEM of sanitary napkins. After reading this, we can understand whether the manufacturer of sanitary napkins is reliable.