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Replacement processing of cushion: what is the correct use method of cushion



For female friends, pads are essential physiological products every month. They are mainly used for the period before and after menstruation. No female friend would be surprised, but there are also many women who have adverse findings and damages due to incorrect use methods, so we must pay attention to the correct use of pads. What is the correct way to use pads? What are the precautions? Now let's take you to the cushion processing factory to have a detailed understanding!

Pad processing: What is the correct use method of pads?

When it comes to the correct use of pads, in fact, pads do not require any skills. Although it is no different from sanitary napkin, it is much thinner than sanitary napkin. First, we take out a pad, tear off the adhesive tape on the back, and then gently paste it in the middle of the underwear. The method is simple and requires little skill. Just pay attention to the usage.

Cushion processing: What are the precautions when using pads?

(1) Can't be used for a long time

Although the cushion is very thin, the thin plastic film at the bottom is impermeable. If you do not pay attention to keeping ventilation, it is easy to be infected. Therefore, generally speaking, the cushion cannot be used for a long time, and it is OK to use it before and after menstruation as much as possible.

(2) Choose regular products

At present, there are various types of pads on the market, including colorless, tasteless and fragrant ones. Generally speaking, fragrant people often add aromatic agents, which are generally not recommended for people with sensitive constitution. When choosing pads, choose regular products, and never choose three no products to avoid adverse risk damage.

The above is about the correct use of pads. In fact, the use of pads is very simple, often said that practice makes perfect. As long as female friends pay more attention in daily life, I believe that pads can be used well as physiological products. Of course, in addition to the reasonable use of pads, female friends should also pay attention to personal hygiene and cleaning care in daily life.