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You never thought that the girls' pads could be used like this



The cushion is an indispensable part of women's lives, but its use has always been limited to one field. In fact, the range of use of the cushion is quite wide.

Sometimes when you are out of the house and suffer from a small wound and have no bleeding plaster, you should quickly take out the pad. The pad can help you absorb the bleeding. As long as there is no bleeding, you should take away the pad, or the vampire will drain your blood.

The most painful thing for cyclists is that when they pedal on the inside of their thighs, they will wear skin, and their buttocks will become numb. Even if they have professional riding clothes, they can't avoid wearing the flesh around their thighs. We can put the care pad on the cushion to make the cushion soft and comfortable. The buttocks need not be too hard. If they are separated by a cushion, they will not feel numb. They can also put the care pad on the inside of their thighs, But stick the side with adhesive tape on the pants. If the leg is torn off, you can put it in place. The pad can isolate the friction between the inner thigh and the bicycle pad and the pants, so that you can ride comfortably. Some people with fat legs will rub the inner sides of the thigh when walking. You can also use this method to reduce friction.

If you suddenly have a fever and don't have a fever relief sticker, we can use the nursing pad to make an emergency fever relief sticker. Fill more water on the wash surface of the nursing pad, and then button it on your forehead and at the place where you get hot. It can be like a fever relief sticker. When you get hot, you can change another one. The nursing pad has strong water absorption ability and can prevent water leakage. It's much better than a towel.

The shoes are too stuffy and easy to sweat when walking. You can use a pad to put it in the shoes, just like a soft pad. The pad absorbs water when walking. The pad also absorbs smell and even the smell of the shoes. In this way, you won't be embarrassed to take off the shoes. Even if you don't wear shoes, put a pad in the shoes. The pad will clean the smelly and wet shoes, and the bactericidal ability of the pad can also kill all the bacteria in the shoes.

Because the care pad has a strong ability to absorb the smell. If the refrigerator has smell, you can open the care pad and put it in the refrigerator to absorb the smell if you don't mind. The effect is also very good. You can also use this method in the bathroom or wardrobe at home. If you leave it overnight, the bad smell will be absorbed the next day. Some pads have a smell, and the pad will absorb the smell and send its own smell into the air, However, it is not recommended to put a smelly nursing pad in the refrigerator. After all, the refrigerator is full of food, and the taste on the nursing pad may affect the appetite of the partners.

Children sweat easily, so they always put a sweat stop towel on their back. Sometimes they forget to take it when they go out. They quickly take out a care pad from their bag and stick it on their back. They stick it on all the places where they are prone to sweat. The super absorbent ability of the care pad has been used well here. The surface of the care pad will not be wet when water is absorbed. Don't worry about the child's back being soaked all the time. It can be said that it is better than the sweat stop towel, When the sweat towel is wet, it will always soak the back of the child. When the sweat towel is soaked, it will still be damp. The pad will not leak out and will not soak the skin. Some adults also like to sweat when they go out. You can use the sweat towel to stick it to the place where sweat is easy to sweat. Sometimes there will be a lot of sweat on the back, waist, armpit, and forehead when wearing the hat. You can also stick a nursing pad inside the hat to absorb water, In this way, you don't have to wipe sweat, and you don't worry about the different colors when your clothes are wet.

There are many uses of the pad. As long as you make good use of the suction of the pad, you can do whatever you want. Take out the pad if you need to, and try it. It's not a problem if you have trouble with the pad. Don't feel dirty. The pad may be cleaner than many things. Because of the demand for the use of the pad, the pad is required to have a certain antibacterial ability, and the hygiene requirements for the pad are still high, As long as you don't feel embarrassed and dare to use the cushion, you can be comfortable with what others think of the cushion.