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How to choose the manufacturer of sanitary napkin, pay attention to these details



1、 Preliminary understanding

Learn about the general situation of the enterprise through the channels you use, such as registration time, production scale, approval number, key directions, etc. It is important to know whether it is a real manufacturer, because there are indeed many middlemen. In fact, these people do not have production plants and production capacity, but they are also engaged in investment promotion under the guise of production enterprises. In fact, the products are also processed by other manufacturers. If we find such sanitary napkin OEM enterprises carelessly, the budget cost will definitely increase, and the product quality may not be guaranteed.

2、 Field visits

If you want to make real products, you must visit the manufacturers of sanitary napkins. On the one hand, we can learn more about it, on the other hand, we can be more practical. Basically, at least three or four OEM customers visit the factory every week. The following aspects are for reference:

1. Product display

As a production enterprise, most of them will not only produce one product, so there must be a product exhibition hall or a product display stand. During the visit, be sure to see whether the production approval and production address of the displayed products are produced by the factory you are visiting. If so, of course. If not, a reasonable explanation is needed.

2. Enterprise scale

The scale and production capacity are matched at a glance.

3. Sanitary napkin labeling warehouse

At present, most enterprises that make external products are related to sanitary napkin labeling, so it is important to have their own sanitary napkin labeling warehouse. If there is no, or it is very small, or it is not looked at, then it is very likely that the enterprise does not actually have production capacity, it may be just an empty shell factory, or it has only packaging capacity but no production capacity.

4. Professional level

As a production enterprise, especially a sanitary napkin OEM enterprise, it certainly needs a lot of professional knowledge. Therefore, in the process of communication, professional expression is particularly important, whether medical knowledge or production knowledge. If the professional aspect cannot be reflected, it is unnecessary to continue talking.

3、 Quotation

For most people, price is an important issue. I believe that when you want to make a product, you will consult many manufacturers of sanitary napkins, compare their quotations, and then choose a more cost-effective one. In fact, as a manufacturer, the quotation is based on certain factors, such as the purchase of raw materials, various links of production, labor costs, water and electricity rents, machine losses, and the size of output. So why are the quotations from different manufacturers very different?

First, the quality of raw materials. The higher the quality, the higher the price. Take sanitary napkin fabric as an example. The better the water absorption is, the more dry and soft the fabric is, the higher the price is. The second kind is cheap. Therefore, it is necessary to ask whether the raw materials are from high-quality operators. If you know the raw materials, you will probably know whether the quotation is reasonable.

The second is the degree of mechanization. If a thing can be operated mechanically, the cost must be lower than that of labor, which is undeniable. In many cases, there is no way for machines to replace manual work. Some things must be manually operated to achieve the desired effect. At this time, the cost will increase, but the quality and effect can also be guaranteed. Therefore, it is always the absolute principle that money is worth it.